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The Aidoni grenadilla barrel is the result of a long and meticulous process of experimentation. It is built with an inner plastic tube with a reverse taper and the tube is partially covered with a thin brass pipe. The result is a perfectly balanced barrel with exquisite intonation and a resonant and focused sound. The use of a plastic inner tube allows a precisely measured bore, keeping its dimensions constant. The synthetic bore is not as much affected by the warm temperature in the air flow, which makes it easier to maintain the pitch than when playing on a traditional wooden barrel. The Grenadilla wood produces a warm and solid sound and the clear projection makes it suitable both for orchestra players and for soloists.

Aidoni tuning rings

for placement between the barrel and the upper part of the clarinet. If the barrel has to be pulled out, an inner gap is created between the barrel and the upper clarinet part. If the gap is filled with a tuning ring, the intonation is improved and the feeling of contact with the air flow increases in a noticeable way. Perfectly matched dimensions to fit our barrel bores, made of the same material as the inner bores of our barrels. One package contains two tuning rings with the thicknesses 0,5 mm and 0,75 mm.

The Aidoni team

Aidoni porträtt Håkan
Aidoni porträtt per

The Aidoni barrel team consists of Håkan Lundström, a skilled craftsman and experienced woodwind repairer, and Per Johansson, solo clarinetist with the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra since 1997.

Together they began creating barrels in 2009. Based on Per’s concepts and hundreds of design sketches, Håkan handcrafted the barrels, one by one. Per then tried out the best of these in rehearsals, recordings and concerts. They carefully analysed the results and iteratively honed the barrels with the best characteristics.

In 2013 – around 200 barrel models later, just as they thought they were approaching a final product – Martin Fröst came into the picture. This occured while Martin was performing as soloist with the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra on a tour to Salzburg. It was very fortunate for the Aidoni barrel project to – for a period of time – have Martin Fröst as its exclusive guide and test pilot. His sky-high demands for perfection and his creative ideas have been invaluable and inspiring. Without doubt, Martin Frösts influence has taken the Aidoni barrel to a completely new level.

The process of making improvements continues constantly and a completely new Aidoni barrel model is now underway, updated and improved in every detail. (More specific details below on this page.)

The Aidoni concept

Some facts about the Aidoni barrel:

• A body of grenadilla wood.

• An internal plastic tube for the bore, which is factory-milled to the highest possible precision.

• The bore is of a reverse tapered type.

Three different bores are currently available – Original bore, Medium bore and US bore. Please contact us to select the best possible Aidoni bore for your instruments.

• A thin brass ring is fixed around the lower end of the plastic tube to keep the sound more focused and to add stability.

• All parts are made in Sweden.


Why a plastic tube?

• The intonation is more reliable and consistent over all registers than with a wooden barrel.

• The synthetic bore is not as much affected by the warm temperature in the air flow, which makes it easier to maintain the pitch – very useful when quick changes between clarinets are required.

• The material is not affected by moisture or temperature changes – the dimensions of the bore remain constant.

• The sensation is exactly that of playing on a wooden barrel.


Three different barrel bores:

Original bore (different bores for A and Bb clarinet) has a wide inner dimension in the upper part. This gives resonance and a free, open feeling when playing.

Medium bore (different bores for A and Bb) has a slightly more narrow inner dimension in the upper part. This gives the sound a bit more focus and slightly more resistance.

US bore (same bore for A and Bb) has an even more narrow inner dimension, both in the upper part and in the entire bore. This bore gives even more focus and resistance. The US bore has been created especially for Buffet R13 and clarinetists in USA.


Selmer clarinet customers:

please contact us before making an order:

The search for a new Aidoni barrel model

After several years of working on development we have learned a lot more about what parameters in the design of our barrel we can control and how to adjust them. Our research has ultimately led to a completely new Aidoni barrel model that will be released soon – the name of the new barrel is Model #499.

We wanted to offer more control and stability, without sacrificing any flexibility. We have been looking for a richer palette of overtones. And we wanted to give the opportunity to more easily project the sound in a large concert hall. We hope that many clarinettist will appreciate this new work tool.


What is new on the Model #499?

• The inner plastic tube with the inverted conical bore has been fine-tuned in the smallest possible detail. The bore is an improved version of the Medium bore.

• A brass ring has been added in the upper part – it helps to focus the sound and adds projection and luster.

• A winding of carbon fiber, added in the lower part, provides extra stability and comfortable resistance over the various registers. This becomes clearly noticeable when you put on all the fingers and play out really loud, both in the second octave and in the deepest register.

• The inner brass pipe, that is mounted around the plastic tube to give stability and projection, has been updated for the best balance.

The body of grenadilla wood has been adjusted in its shape to function and harmonize better with the whole design.


Trial conditions for the Model #499:

Initially, the new barrel model will only be made in a very limited edition. If you are interested in pre-ordering the Aidoni Model #499, please send an e-mail to We will then put you on a waiting list for a trial. Please state the following information in your email: Clarinet brand & model, required barrel lengths, your postal address and mobile phone number.

Price and conditions

Barrel trial policies:

Each Aidoni barrel to be tested, is ordered and paid for in advance. Since our waiting list is growing, you can try up to four barrels at a time. You have fourteen days to try your barrels.

If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the undamaged barrels within the trial period for a full refund of the cost of the barrels. (The shipping cost will not be refunded.) If a customer decides not to purchase any items, there will be a 10 € restocking fee.

Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

To return items, we recommend choosing a postal option that includes insurance for the value of the items.

Postal address for returns:

Håkan Lundström
Bankogatan 8
256 56 Helsingborg




Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our clarinet barrels.

We prefer contact via e-mail but you are also welcome to give us a call.



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