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Aidoni – Traditional Model

The Aidoni grenadilla barrel is the result of a long and careful experimental process. It has been co-created by Martin Fröst over a four-year period. Since 2016, Martin uses Aidoni grenadilla barrels on all his clarinets.

The barrel has an inner plastic tube with a reverse taper, and the tube is partially covered with a thin brass pipe. The result is a perfectly balanced barrel with exquisite intonation, and a resonant and focused sound. The use of a plastic inner tube allows a meticulously measured bore, keeping its dimensions constant. The Aidoni barrel reaches the right temperature and pitch faster than a traditional wood barrel. The Grenadilla wood produces a warm and solid sound, and the clear projection makes it suitable both for orchestra players and for soloists.


Aidoni – Model #499

The Model #499 has been developed and tested over a period of several years. By involving the world-leading clarinetists Yehuda Gilad (The Colburn School – Los Angeles) and Hermann Stefansson (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Stockholm), many objective opinions and valuable feedback could be collected in the evaluation process. One of the goals has been to create a barrel that works and feels like a natural extension of the mouthpiece. The heart of the concept is the new and unique XB bore. Another change is the brass ring that has been added to the top of the barrel – to focus the sound and to add luster and projection. A winding of carbon fiber, at the lower part, provides extra stability and equalizes the resistance over the different registers.



For placement between the barrel and the upper part of the clarinet. If the barrel has to be pulled out, an inner gap is created between the barrel and the upper clarinet part. If the gap is filled with a tuning ring, the intonation is improved and the feeling of contact with the air flow increases in a noticeable way. Perfectly matched dimensions to fit our barrel bores, made of the same material as the inner bores of our barrels. One package contains two tuning rings with the thicknesses 0,5 mm and 0,75 mm.