Aidoni – Traditional Model

The Aidoni grenadilla barrel is the result of a long and meticulous process of experimentation. It has been co-created by Martin Fröst over a four-year period. Since 2016, Martin uses Aidoni grenadilla barrels on all his clarinets.
The barrel has an inner plastic tube with a reverse taper, and the tube is partially covered with a thin brass pipe. The result is a perfectly balanced barrel with exquisite intonation, and a resonant and focused sound. The use of a plastic inner tube allows a precisely measured bore, keeping its dimensions constant. The synthetic bore is not as much affected by the warm temperature in the air flow, which makes it easier to maintain the pitch than when playing on a traditional wooden barrel.
The Grenadilla wood produces a warm and solid sound, and the clear projection makes it suitable both for orchestra players and for soloists.


If you would like to make an order but can not because of low stock, please let us know. Send us an email and describe which types of barrels you would like to order and in which lengths. This will not count as a new order but we will base our next barrel batch on these requests. Mail to:


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Original A, Original Bb, Medium A, Medium Bb, US


63 mm, 64 mm, 65 mm, 66 mm, 67 mm